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Jan 14, 2013 8:30pm EST
. >> coming up tonight on c-span2, the community indicators features a discussion on technology and innovation. the los angeles mayor, antonio villaraigosa talks about his push for comprehensive immigration reform, and later, arizona governor jan brewer delivers her state of the state address. >> there's a new ebook on the market called how the technology can fix the budget and establish obama's legacy. the co-authors are both fcc officials. reed hundt in the clinton administration, and blair levin spent time there as the national broadband plan. gentlemen, thanks for being here. mr. hundt. your book's subtitle. how can technology fix the budget and help us over the so-called fiscal cliff. >> guest: that is the subtitle and it's a bit of a mouthful. the fundamental idea here is if you spend time in silicon valley, spend time in detroit where the automobile industry is being rebuilt. you spend time outside the beltway you see that america has the potential to generate abundance for its own citizens and for the world. you spend time only inside the beltway it looks like a zero sum game, looks li
Jan 15, 2013 8:00pm EST
with your technology what you choose to know someone in the technology business, please go ahead because that could make money when talking. thank you strobe for having me here today, welcoming us to the brookings innovation. this guide a stellar panel, sockets are my remarks quickly because i know you can't do your job, not me. i did watch reflect our first panel was over three years ago. at a time where in the depths of the great recession, the unemployment rate is 10%. the last 8.5 million jobs. pausing to remember that. a lot of face had a moment of great national crisis. brookings i think thunderstorms great leadership choose to the two is the future. how do you grapple with today's problems in order to create a brighter future? one of the things they did a search or heard of witness today, the growth renovation program. we have policies to unleash private sectors. we weren't under illusions that government creates jobs are innovation, they can create conditions under which those can be fostered. and because we beat the need for growth on the heels of the great recession is a vital
Jan 18, 2013 8:00pm EST
set off alarm. so that is the reason we have the technology here in the u.s., because those unable us to pick up with the whole notion being that's have those as a deterrent to force the terrace to try to come up with a new innovative ideas. fortunately that attack did not occur because simply technical issues with the device. best for two years to mature years ago on october 10th, you may recall there were two packages that were said to from human to chicago. given the track numbers for those devices are those two packages. both of them had printers, computer printers that had tottered cartridges in them that were actually bonds. we get the tracking numbers to provide those for security officials in the united kingdom. they went and found the packages, open the. there is no device here. this is really getting -- go back. the second instance, the second occasion, they found it. on the other instance it took them three times to find it. what we're seeing is that there is a master bomb maker in yemen who is training others with bomb making, not only those two devices on talking about, t
Jan 17, 2013 8:00pm EST
drive at highway speeds the whole length of the pike and let technology collect your toll? imagine that the interchanges on 128 were you didn't have to add 45 minutes to the rush shower commute to get through the bottle neck. our citizens do not want less transportation. they want more. they do not want us to spend more on the same old thing. or just move money around from one idea to the next. they want us to invest in a disciplined and strategic way in the things that improve, quality of their lives and grow their opportunities. this past monday, the department of transportation showed us how. what we need to properly operate the system we have, and to add those few additional prompts that unlock growth and opportunity in long neglected part of the country. ask education the transportation plan shows specific needs we all knew were -- and just as in education meeting those needs demands new revenue. now there is no good time to raise taxes. this is the point i knew this speech where silence would fall over. [laughter] i know just as clearly as possible how tough the times have be
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4